Apr142011 Survey Reveals Experience Matters More When Finding a Job Than "Who You Know"


Networking not always the strongest way into your dream job according to survey results.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) April 13, 2011, Inc., the world's largest network of niche career communities, polled job seekers across its network of thousands of geographic and industry-specific sites to learn what is most helpful to business professionals when searching for a job. More than 1,600 Network visitors responded to the poll that asked:

What is most helpful when finding a job? 

  •     45.35% - My Experience
  •     20.97% - My Education
  •     19.93% - The People I Know
  •     13.75% - My Communication Skills


With the unemployment rate hovering at 8.8 percent according to the United States Department of Labor and a large pool of candidates vying for similar job opportunities, applicants are placing more value than ever before on their actual work experience than they have in the past.

"At one time it was all about who you knew and who in your Rolodex© you could connect with in order to secure an interview," says Rich Milgram, CEO of "While networking is and will continue to be an important component of the job search, it can only get you so far in the process. Employers are looking past just 'who you know' and making sure candidates have the right qualifications and experience before hiring."

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Transforming Diverse Teams


Can a white guy talk with authority on diversity?


Brian V Moore • Human diversity includes people like myself. 

I am what you would call white, a member of an African tribe, descendant of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English and South African forebears, born in Zambia to a Roman Catholic family, resident in South Africa, my wife is a Hindu South African of Indian descent, I speak a number of African languages, Afrikaans and English, greet in over 100 languages, have worked in the USA, UK, Hong Kong and in numerous parts of Africa.

My diversity experience comes from living amongst and experiencing people, traditions, cultures, religions and I have worked as a peacemaker in rural African communities.

There are two issues here:-
1) How dare I not share my growth and lessons with others who have not had my experiences.
2) How strange it is that we, as diversity specialists, can judge people by colour. A Zulu (African tribe in South Africa) say clearly in this proverb. "Uhlubu’ dlube ‘khasini" Literally - "A bean is revealed when you open the shell."

We cannot know a person by their external appearance. We can only learn about them through either our own experiences of them - or that of others whom they have impacted.

Of course any focused and experienced person can speak with authority on diversity. My wife and I have touched 10s of thousands of lives through our work.

Let the catalysts of change do their work without judgement!
Best wishes
Brian V Moore





Liberty Tax Service is a proud sponsor and participant in VALHEN’s Encuentro 2011 Conference, providing expertise and scholarship funding


The Encuentro Conference is an annual meeting of the Virginia Latino Higher Education Network (VALHEN), where members discuss Latinos and education, and strive to advance Virginia Latinos in higher education.

The VALHEN Encuentro 2011 was held on March 24 -25 at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA. This year’s topic was Latinos – Growing and Driving Success in Virginia. Keynote speakers were Dr. Michael Olivas, J.D. and Ph.D, and Mr. Juan Sepulveda, Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans. Liberty Tax Service was a major sponsor of the event, and actively participated as a speaker/presenter in the conference.

Ms. Martee Pierson, Director of Diversity Programs of Liberty Tax Service and Executive Director of the Una Familia Sin Fronteras Foundation, led a session on the Importance of Entrepreneurship, together with Dr. Marcela Chavan-Matviuk, Ph.D. and Dr. Mavel Velasco, Ph.D. Key topics of their session included Drs. Velasco’s and Chavan-Matviuk’s introduction of the natural adeptness at entrepreneurship as a part of typical Latino “DNA”, due to a long tradition of creative and successful entrepreneurship throughout Latin America, as well as the cultural barriers that can create a risk-adverse sentiment among our new immigrants. Ms. Pierson proposed and rationalized the extension of existing GED and ESL classes, which are very popular with Latinos, in order to include financial and fiscal responsibility education, as well as career training. The premise of Ms. Pierson’s presentation was that the Latino students are already physically and psychology ready to learn by virtue of attending these classes; therefore it would make sense to provide them with these educational tools that will help them can grow and prosper economically.

One of the conference highlights was the awarding of the Second Annual VALHEN scholarships for the 2011-2012 school year. Two deserving students received awards of $1000 each, both funded by VALHEN. Three additional students were awarded $500 scholarships, sponsored through a generous donation by Liberty Tax Service and its Una Familia Sin Fronteras (A Family Without Boundaries) initiative and Foundation.

“VALHEN is a highly respected organization whose goals are completely in synch with the values and intentions of Liberty’s Hispanic initiative and Foundation,” explains Ms. Pierson. “It is always a pleasure to work these types of organizations that are bringing education, inspiration and empowerment through education to our Hispanic communities.”

Liberty’s Una Familia Sin Fronteras initiative is an educational outreach program that brings financial and fiscal education seminars and courses to Hispanic communities across the nation, at no cost. Courses and seminars are taught in Spanish, and many qualify for college credits through the University of Phoenix.

The Una Familia Sin Fronteras initiative seeks to partner with educators of Hispanic youth and adults, to further enable immigrants to achieve financial success in the United States. If you represent an educational organization that is interested in partnering with Una Familia Sin Fronteras, please contact Ms. Martee Pierson at Liberty Tax Service.


3 Keys to Success – 2011 Focus Points

Post by: Scott Thibeault


Strategic Talent Innovations


A dear friend of mine asked that I share this more broadly so that more companies could benefit- so here it is.
This was a response to a client that was struggling to identify what priorities the company should focus on in 2011.
Three keys to success for any company are 1.) Engagement, 2.) Agility and 3.) Execution. These three qualities, done correctly will drive companies to their ultimate potential. Active engagement is when your employees understand the company’s mission and objectives; if they have been involved in their creation they are more likely to own the results they deliver and will do all they can to deliver the best outcome possible. Actively engaged employees focus on the desired results, they come to work motivated with passion to deliver and they will operate with a sense of urgency and with a pride in supporting and delivering value driving results.
Agility is the company’s ability to quickly react to market conditions, internal hurdles, competitor issues and other unforeseen factors that could impact delivery of the company’s identified goals.  Stringent planning with proactive identification of all possible scenarios will help avoid many potential pitfalls, but it is impossible to anticipate every potential circumstance that will inevitably finds its way into companies’ paths.  That is why agility, and the ability to change on a dime must be practiced over and over within corporations.  The best corporations embrace the idea that change is normal.  Change is the status quo.  Agile corporations accept change as a matter of normal business, they proactively identify change potential; they analyze the change opportunity; recognize and communicate the value of changing and embrace the change and drive to the new goal line. Companies that can best adapt to changing market conditions are the industry’s top performers. The pace of change has been accelerating annually at an exponential rate with all expectations that it will continue given our technological advancements. Change not only in processes and automation but also, changes in worker attitudes, and biases, not to mention global economic changes and political tides require companies to become more agile.  Agility drives efficiency, which drives profitability.
Execution is the way in which companies achieve results.  Execution again, if practiced and honed, is a huge competitive advantage.  Companies that make change a priority and an organizationally held value, and those that make employees part of the solution development process – have envied execution.  Sound execution comes from a confidently engaged workforce that is eager to meet the company objectives that they have been instrumental in creating.  That process feeds employees’ need to add value in what they are doing.
Pursuing and refining the 3 keys to success will pay dividends beyond your expectations.  While you will create top to bottom alignment, your goals will be achieved with ease; but you will also become an employer of choice.  That of course, reduces your turnover; better said, increases retention.  It reduces your recruitment costs, employees want to work for a great company. And it will improve your marginal returns.
The biggest returns come from the simplest solutions.