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Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis 


Dr. Madeline Ann LewisIt is easy to forget the lessons of history, even recent history.  Not that long ago, the workplace was anything but diverse.  A low percentage of women were in the workplace.  Minorities faced both stated and unstated obstacles that minimized their inclusion.  While there is still considerable room for progress there is no doubt that today’s workplace is far more diverse than it was fifty or sixty years ago. Yet, the global marketplace means that the importance of diversity has never been greater.  

Businesses Gain an Edge


Business owners are coming to realize more and more that a diverse workplace has ample advantages. At the top of the list is the issue of benefits of diversity is globalization.  Having employees that come from different backgrounds and perspectives can be invaluable in the global marketplace.  And if these employees just happen to speak additional languages, then you have a substantial bonus! 

Globalization has led to an increased need for those that not only understand other cultures, but also can navigate their way through them.  Making strides in business is often about effective communication, and a more diverse workforce can often help achieve this and more. 

More Varied Perspectives 

“Diversity: the act of thinking independently together.” Malcolm Stevenson Forbes 

A more diverse workforce also means a greater diversity of opinion and perspective.  The old saying that, “Where everyone thinks alike no one thinks very much,” should always be remembered when considering diversity in the workplace.  The more varied the backgrounds, the more likely it is to reach and discover unexpected solutions to problems.  Increasingly, the world is a digital one and that means that new ideas are often the new fuel.  Diversity can help provide that fuel. 

By embracing diversity, it is possible to pool candidates from across the globe.  As a result, businesses are able to find the very best candidates for jobs or find candidates with skill sets that might be lacking locally. 

A Boost to Harmony and Understanding 

“Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together.” Jacqueline Woodson 

Perhaps the ultimate benefit of diversity is that it can help bring about greater understanding and harmony between people.  The greater the personal bonds between people from diverse backgrounds, the greater the level of understanding. 

Communication is the key to eliminating and reducing hostility.  Ultimately, this leads to a fairer and more stable society in which all citizens benefit.  It is easy to be suspicious of others when exposure to different kinds of people is low. 

By embracing diversity, businesses are helping to reduce social tension and potentially even political tension between countries.  The end result is a more harmonious world and maybe even greater profits as well! In the end, there is considerable strength in diversity. 

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is the President/CEO of the Executive Women’s Success Institute (www.exwsi.com) in Maryland. She is a career strategist, business consultant, speaker, trainer and the author of Finding Your Best Inside: How to Persevere and Become the Person You Are Meant to Be and Playing from the Blue Tee: Women in the Federal Government. Reach her by e-mail at info@exwsi.com.


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PGA Tour Pros Spieth, Harman to Headline Boys and Girls Clubs 2015 Golf Invitational, Tuesday, July 7 

March 17, 2015
PGA Tour Pros Spieth, Harman to Headline Boys and Girls Clubs 2015 Golf Invitational, Tuesday, July 7
  • 2013 and 2014 JDC Classic Winners Jordan Spieth and Brian Harman to Attend
  • Registration Open at www.BGCMVgolf.com
MOLINE, IL – The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley (BGCMV) announced today that PGA Tour professionals Jordan Spieth and Brian Harman will again appear at its annual golf fundraiser,Tuesday, July 7, at Short Hills Country Club in East Moline, IL.
Spieth was PGA Tour rookie of the year in 2013 and 2013 John Deere Classic (JDC) champion. Harman was the 2014 JDC champion – marking the second year in a row that the eventual JDC champion started the week by appearing at the BGCMV golf event.
“Based on the last two years, it seems that attending the Boys and Girls Clubs golf outing is good luck if you want to win the John Deere Classic,” said Gregg Ontiveros, Group O CEO and BGCMV 2015 Invitational Co-Chair. “We appreciate the support that Jordan and Brian provide for our local kids – and for helping make the Invitational such a special event.”
The BGCMV 2015 Invitational offers attendees a full day of golf and networking, culminating with a mini-pro-am shootout with Spieth and Harman.  Other highlights include:
  • A variety of hospitality stations and music located across the course
  • Amazing silent auction and golfer swag bags
  • An on-the-course after party (open to non-golfers), including music and dinner
“The Invitational is a fun way that all of us can come together for a great cause – and help kids develop skills for a better future,” said Ontiveros, “Many of last year’s participants told us it was the best golf event they’ve ever attended – and we’re looking to build on that this year.”
Now in its 14th year, the Invitational has helped raise more than $1.5 million since 2002.  This year’s fundraising goal is $300,000, with all proceeds benefiting the BGCMV. Title sponsors for the 2015 Invitational include US Bank and Group O. 
For more information or to register for the event, please visit www.BGCMVgolf.com.
The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley (BGCMV) has been serving the needs of area young people since 1994. It is a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a national organization of non-profit, non-sectarian private agencies serving young people in clubs nationwide. BGCMV serves over 600 members at three locations:
  • Moline Club – 406 7th Street, Moline  
  • Davenport Club – 1702 Iowa Street, Davenport (First Presbyterian Church)  
  • The Club (Teen Center, serving members 13 and older) – 1122 5th Avenue, Moline
For more information, please visit www.BGCMV.org.

Brian Harman
Brian Harman - Kids Clinic
Jordan Spieth and Tim Tolliver 7-8-2014

Subject: GA state legislature commends Dr. Mensah 

Dr. Thomas Mensah

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