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Church of God In Christ (COGIC) Leadership Encourages Dialogue and Engagement with The Republican Party and Welcomes RNC To Memphis

Shared Values .... Shared Goals

By: Bishops E. Charles Connor and David Allen Hall, Sr

As the Republican National Committee descends upon Memphis, Tennessee, the home of the

International Headquarters of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. We welcome the RNC to Memphis and look forward to dialogue and building relationships. 

Some if not many would wonder why the Church Of God In Christ would want to engage and have dialogue with the Republican National Committee (RNC)? Over 100 years ago our denomination was founded when Black people were predominately Republican and today we are the largest Black Pentecostal faith organization with over 5 million members. The Church's leadership is concerned about the Black Community, in fact, concerned about the entire nation. 

We do not deny or shy away from the fact that our members are largely conservative, however in the 21 st century we have not had much of a relationship with the Republican Party. Said plainly, the issues are racial in nature but education on both sides would be appreciated, and possibly bring clarity. 

A little over a year ago RNC Chairman Rience Preibus, released the Growth and Opportunity Project, which set out an aggressive agenda to engage the Black community. Immediately after its release the RNC reached out to Church leadership, to begin a dialogue of mutual respect and understanding of our Shared Values and Shared Goals. The RNC has made it clear it wants to strengthen its position within our community and wipe away perceived racial divides. 

Under the leadership of our Presiding Bishop, Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr, the Church Of God In Christ unveiled our Urban Initiative which focus on the following: 

1. Education
2. Economic Development 3. Crime Prevention
4. Family
5. Financial Literacy

 It is upon these key pillars that the Church would promote dialogue to advance opportunity, hope and healing to the Black community. As leaders in the Church Of God In Christ, both of us understood that this undertaking could not be done with just having a relationship with the Democratic Party alone. 

A recent Harvard University white paper stated that Memphis was the most economically segregated community in America. All politics is local and South Memphis, Whitehaven, North Memphis and Hickory Hill are proof of the following statistics. Obviously, the RNC meeting in Memphis would bring the facts to light in a larger way, with Black unemployment at 16%, Black youth unemployment at 47%, Black Female unemployment at 12% and only 1.7% of SBA loans lent to black business as well as the recent rule change at the Department of Justice that would eliminate black organizations to compete for grants. 

Moreover, Black Veterans unemployment is at 10%; therefore, the Church Of God In Christ leadership has recognized that the needs of the Black community were not being addressed and that wecouldnolongerbetakenforgrantedbythe DemocraticPartyandignoredbytheRepublican Party.

Connor and Hall might not agree all the time; however we are proud that the Church Of God In Christ leadership is leading the way to ensure that both parties will compete for the Black vote. Speaking generally and specifically in an ecumenical way we hope that other Black organizations will do the same because our community needs to work with those who truly work with us! 


Dr. Mirta Martin named new president of FHSU

05/02/14 br/kb local, statewide

NOTE TO NEWS EDITORS, DIRECTORS: Print quality photos are available for download through the Dr. Mirta Martin link on the page at http://bigcat.fhsu.edu/currentevents/news_photos.php

Dr. Mirta MartinHAYS, Kan. -- Today, the Kansas Board of Regents announced Dr. Mirta Martin as the ninth president of Fort Hays State University. The Board voted to approve the appointment and officially introduced the new president during a special meeting in the Fort Hays Ballroom of the Memorial Union on the FHSU campus. Martin will begin her presidency on July 1.

"Selecting a president is about identifying the person that fits the university. In assessing the candidates, we focused on who would embrace and enhance the traditions and achievements of Fort Hays State University," said Fred Logan, chair of the Regents. "The Kansas Board of Regents is fully supportive of this new president and the direction she will lead Fort Hays State University into the future."         

Mirta M. Martin, Ph.D. (first name pronounced MEER-tah), has served as dean of the Reginald F. Lewis School of Business at Virginia State University since 2009. She has also held various higher education leadership positions throughout her career such as special assistant to the chancellor, executive vice president and associate dean, among other positions. Dr. Martin received her Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Richmond, Richmond, Va., and a Bachelor of Science from Duke University.

"The future of the nation lies in the pursuit of academic excellence," said Martin. "Progress is not possible without vision, leadership, and trust. As your president, my priority is to enable you to become your best self."

She continued, "I believe my selection as president is an affirmation of the Regents’ and Fort Hays State University’s commitment to entrepreneurial leadership, opportunity, diversity, and innovation.”

"Dr. Mirta Martin is the personification of the American dream," said Logan. "She has been successful in every challenge she has ever faced. She will be successful at Fort Hays State University."

Following the Board's announcement, Martin and her husband, John, were introduced to members of the FHSU and Hays communities during a reception.

The announcement of Martin comes after five months of work by the FHSU Presidential Search Committee. Members of the committee received public recognition for their efforts.

"A special thank you to the members of the FHSU Presidential Search Committee," said Logan. "These individuals made a commitment to help the board find the best candidates from around the nation to lead this fine institution and we recognize that commitment today in naming the ninth president of Fort Hays State University.”

For more information, contact Breeze Richardson at 785-291-3969 or brichardson@ksbor.org, or the Fort Hays State University Office of University Relations at 785-628-4206 or universityrelations@fhsu.edu.

About the Kansas Board of Regents:
The nine-member Kansas Board of Regents is the governing board of the state’s six universities and the statewide coordinating board for the state’s 32 public higher education institutions (seven public universities, 19 community colleges and six technical colleges). In addition, the Board administers the state’s student financial aid, adult education, GED, and career and technical education programs. The Board also authorizes private proprietary schools and out-of-
state institutions to operate in Kansas, and administers the Kan-ed network, a program for facilitating and promoting distance learning and telemedicine in schools, libraries and hospitals. Visit the Kansas Board of Regents online at www.kansasregents.org.


Why Diversity and Inclusion Should Matter to Job Candidates

By Karen Graham, Senior Recruiter and Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager

This article first appeared in the April issue of C@reer Connections, Sodexo's monthly e-newsletter. Sign up today!

Here at Sodexo, we talk a lot about diversity and inclusion. It's woven into the fabric of our organization and is part of almost everything we do. But, you may wonder why this is so important. 

Diversity and inclusion is about understanding all of the many facets of a company's workforce – from gender and cultural diversity to generational differences that impact how individuals view and complete their work.

George Chavel President and CEO Sodexo"One of the realities of today's workforce is the need for cross-cultural understanding in our increasingly global workplace," said George Chavel, President and CEO of Sodexo. "The need for culturally competent leaders will be ever more urgent as the workforce becomes more diverse in a number of different dimensions." 

In fact, research shows that attention and recognition of all of our individual differences can create a more inclusive workplace where employees can engage and advance their careers. 

At Sodexo, we address these differences through multiple programs and commitments, including our nine affinity-based Employee Business Resource Groups, which are focused on the inclusion activities, professional development, building the talent pipeline, providing support to the local communities we serve, and helping the organization achieve business priorities. 

But, all of this starts with attracting and retaining top diverse talent in a competitive marketplace. 

"This includes creating pipelines for women and other minorities to the senior executive level," added Chavel. "At Sodexo, we identify high-potential employees through our Emerging Leaders program, through our mentoring programs and through leaders in our Employee Business Resource Groups." 

Building such a diverse and inclusive workforce at Sodexo has not gone unnoticed. Diversity Inc.magazine has consistently listed Sodexo at the top of its Top 50 Companies for Diversity for several years, including their number one spot for two years and being ranked #2 for 2014. Other organizations like GI Jobs, Black Enterprise Magazine, Hispanic Business Magazine and Latina Style have all recognized Sodexo's efforts multiple times since our tracking began. 

But really, it's our people who are making the difference.

"Four years ago I connected with Arie Ball, Vice President, Sourcing and Talent Acquisition for Sodexo. The two of us were identified as two of the Top 5 Diversity Thought Leaders recommended to follow on Twitter," said noted diversity leader Fields Jackson, Jr., Founder and CEO of Racing Toward Diversity Magazine. "This moment catapulted me to take the next step to really engage with industry leaders and share their knowledge, best practices and experiences." 

Each year, Jackson tracks the Top 25 Public Company Diversity and Inclusion Leaders. Fields Jackson, Jr. Founder and CEO Racing Towards Diversity

"Our mission is to educate and showcase the best diversity efforts being made nationally as well as globally," said Jackson "Reviewing this list annually and following each company and its initiatives have given me great insight into what employers are doing and what candidates are interested in from these companies. Sodexo has consistently ranked at the top of my list.


3 Tips to Keep Your Job Search on Track 



3 Tips to Keep Your Job Search on Track 

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