Updates on the College Diversity Network help you save time
Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 10:27AM
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Updates on the College Diversity Network help you save time
Time is valuable, especially when it comes to your career. New career center updates on the College Diversity Network help you save time during your next job search.
Utilizing the newly implemented browse-by functionality on the homepage of College Diversity Network, you can now quickly and easily search for a position that is relevant to you and meets your specific criteria, with just one click.
On the College Diversity Network, you will also find our new Company Directory, which allows you to browse a variety of company profiles alphabetically. Under the Job Seekers menu, you’ll see the Company Directory. There, you will find a list of company profiles, A-to-Z, where you can learn more about the company and see which jobs they are hiring for at that time. 
Utilize these new features to save time while searching for open positions that apply to you!
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