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My 10 minute guide to investigating a company's "Commitment to Diversity"


Looking for a job? Do your homework!!


My 10 minute guide to investigating a company's "Commitment to Diversity"

By Fields JacksonCEO, Racing Toward Diversity magazine

Before you send in that resume for the job you found posted on line - visit the local library, pull out your laptop or smart phone and check out a few items on the company.

I have listed 7 quick checks. Short on time? Pick four of the seven, in no particular order and get a good indication of a companies level of commitment.

1) Board of Directors. Quick check of the board's make up. Normally found on the investor relations page of the company web site. Male vs female can give you a good first impression. But don't stop - cannot always judge a book or company by it's cover.

2) Senior staff/Executive composition. Normally found on the "About Us" page of the web site. Another snap shot - may change your first impression. But again, don't stop - we suggest if you only have 10 minutes before the interview check two more. If you have time, we suggest all seven. Besides - look how prepared you will be for the interview

3) Partnerships - Networks - Affiliations One of the major themes at Racing Toward Diversity magazine is "It's the Company you Keep". Just as in every day life, you can learn a tremendous amount about a person or group by the company they keep. Who they select as references or affiliations, Well the same holds true for companies and organizations, What national or local affiliations are on their web site? Is it a one way conversation? Or do the affiliations they mention - say the same thing about the company on their web site? Two way conversations make it easy to see the company has moved beyond words on the company mission statement.

4) Supplier vendor programs and event participation. Check out local or national supplier diversity, small business or entrepreneur events. Does the company attend, sponsor, participate?

5) Diversity job fairs? Check out local or national job fairs held with Chambers of Commerce, colleges or universities. Does the company participate?

6) Active social media conversations. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). Tweets, "Likes" - Conversation, conventions, meetings with diversity thought leaders, diversity organizations, summits or conferences. Can the company "Walk the Talk" or is all the diversity communication one way via their company press release?

7) Lastly - for those "Two Minute" managers Google the company or organization's name and the word diversity. If you have to go beyond page 2 - Stop, you have your answer.


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