Handling a Sexual Harassment Investigation
Monday, November 27, 2017 at 9:10PM
To help prevent and control sexual harassment in the workplace, managers and supervisors need to understand the problem and the policies a company can implement to fight it. They also need to know the procedures they should follow to investigate and resolve reports of sexual harassment in an ethical and fair way. This training video reminds managers and supervisors that when they understand how to conduct an ethical and effective investigation into alleged sexual harassment, they can play a major role in eliminating the problem from their workplace.

Topics covered also include:

  • What is sexual harassment?
  • Company policy and preventing harassment
  • Conducting an ethical investigation
  • Beginning an investigation
  • Gathering the facts
  • Resolving the situation
Kit Includes:
   Leader’s guide, (30) employee handbooks, (5) posters, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, quiz, training certificate, log.
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